Springville Water System

The City of Springville has a Water System of underground pipes that carries fresh water to businesses and residences.

Springville is dedicated to providing its customers with a safe, high quality and reliable water supply that meets or exceeds all federal and state drinking water requirements.

Each propertys connection to the Water System is metered. There is a monthly bill for using Sringville's water system based on how much water is used.

Paying Water Bills

Every month that water is used a bill will be sent out.

Payments are due on the 15th of every month.

Penalties are added the first business day after the 15th.

Reminder notices are sent within two (2) business days after due date to accounts remaining unpaid.

Shut-off dates are approximately ten (10) days after due date.

How to Pay My Water Bill

Water Meters

Water meters are installed to both encourage water conservation and to generate revenue to pay for the upkeep and improvement of the water system.

Water meters are read automatically. There is no need to maintain or report records of water usage as all meters can be read electronically without entering your buildings.

Springville provides water meters at no charge.

Fire sprinkler systems may be connected to water mains without meters.

Please contact the City Clerk for additional details about water meters.

Should I Connect to the Water System?

All inhabited building in or near the city limits that can connect to the water system, must connect to the water system.

All toilets, sinks, and showers must be connected to the water system.

Owners of property outside the corporate limits of the City can connect to the water system by applying to the Council for permission.

How to Connect to the Water System

Connecting buildings or structures to the water system requires an Application for Water Service.

The Application for Water Service must include the following:

  • Location and owner of the property
  • Purpose of connection
  • Plans and specifications
  • Permit Fee
  • Surety Bond

If the Application is approved, the City Clerk will issue a Water Service Permit.

All connections with the water system must conform to the plumbing building code and will be inspected.

Please contact the City Clerk for additional details about obtaining a Water Service Permit.

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