Sanitation System

The City of Springville has a sanitary sewer system of underground pipes that carries sewage from bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, and other plumbing components to a waste water treatment plant where it is filtered, treated and discharged.

A storm sewer system is also maintained in order to carry rainfall runoff and other drainage.

Should I Connect to the Sewer?

All inhabited building in or near the city limits that can connect to a sewer system, must connect to the sewer system.

All toilets must be connected to the sewer system.

Owners of property outside the corporate limits of the City can connect to the sewer system by applying to the Council for permission.

How to Connect to the Sewer

Connecting buildings or structures to the sewer system requires an Application for Sewer Connection.

The Application for Sewer Connection must include the following:

  • Location of connection
  • Purpose of connection
  • Plans and specifications
  • Permit Fee
  • Surety Bond

If the Application is approved, the City Clerk will issue a Sewer Connection Permit.

All connections with the sanitary sewer system will be inspected.

Please contact the City Clerk for additional details about obtaining a Sewer Connection Permit.

Prohibited Discharges

The following items may NOT be discharged into the public sewers:

  • Flammable or Explosive Material
  • Toxic or Poisonous Materials
  • Corrosive Wastes
  • Substances which block water flow

The following items are RESTRICTED for discharge into the public sewers:

  • High Temperature liquids and solids
  • Fat, Oil, Grease
  • Garbage
  • Acids

There are addition technical items which are controlled from discharge into the sewer system.

Please contact the City Clerk for additional details about what can and can not be discharged into the sewer sytem.

Prohibited Activities

In order to maintain our sewer system and protect our environment, the following actions with the sewer system are prohibited:

  • Malicious damage
  • Connecting runoff water sources
  • Opening and entering manholes
  • Putting objectionable wastes in the sewer
  • Using septic tanks
  • Untreated discharge into the ground
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