Fire Department

Springville Fire and Rescue is a vital component of the City of Springville.

The all Volunteer department protect and save lives and property in Springville and the surrounding area.

Fire Departement Funding

The SFD is jointly funded by the City of Springville and the Brown Township Trustees.

Friends of the Springville Fire Department raise significant funds throughout the year which provide invaluable assistance in purchasing equipment and providing training.

During fires or training this group also provides any support asked of them.

All Volunteer

Springville Fire and Rescue is a shining example of a small town Volunteer Fire Department.

From the earliest days of the Springville it has existed to serve the city, and the surrounding area.

Over the years the department has grown to include a number of EMT's and First Responders who are specially trained to provide medical assistance.

The men and women who give of their time and talents to serve the community are often called out in inclement weather, and the wee hours of the night, to fight a fire, respond to an accident or illness call, or stand lookout as storm watchers, and they never fail to respond quickly and professionally.

When next you see one of them, take time to say thank you!

For Fire Emergency

Dial 911

Address and Phone

Street Address300 Broadway
Springville, IA 52336-9668
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 401
Springville, IA 52336-9668


Fire ChiefPj Hoyt
Assistant Fire ChiefKevin Hulett
Fire CaptainAaron Smith
EMS CaptainChris Williams

New Equipment

In recent years the department has acquird three new Emergency vehicles, including a Grass truck, and a customized Rescue Vehicle with transport capacity.

 Springville City Hall   304 Broadway       Mail to: PO Box 347  Springville, IA 52336   319-854-6428
 Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 12 pm, 1 - 5 pm
 Phone: (319) 854-6428        Fax: (319) 854-6443        Email: