Board of Adjustments

The City of Springville's Board of Adjustment is a five member volunteer board that hears variance requests from residents.

Members serve a five year term and are appointed by the Council.

The Board of Adjustments meets on an as needed basis.

Current Board Membership


Term Ends

Iris Trampe2016-07-01
Kurt Gillette2016-07-01
Mike Hanshaw2014-12-01
Nick Besler2020-07-01
Robin Ballentyne2018-07-01

Variance Requests

Requests for a variance must be posted for 15 days before their meetings.

A request for a variance is filed with the City Clerk.

Variance forms may be found on the website under Forms/Permits.

The variance process takes approximately 3 weeks.

Costs associated with the variance process shall be charged to the applicant.

There is a $10.00 fee for a variance request.

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